How To Link Twitch Account To PS4

You probably already know that Twitch is available as an app for Playstation 4 which would solve all your troubles but you don't know how to download the latter or log into your profile on the console. Before entering the tutorial and explaining how do I link a Twitch to PS4? We would like to remind you of some previous steps required to process.


We mean that linking the PS 4 to the WiFi and link your user account in the console. You've almost certainly done both. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.


If possible, to connect the console to the WiFi, use a Ethernet cable, this will allow you to access it without interference and without configuration. Select the Wi-Fi use and enter the password. Otherwise, leave all default variants on.


How To Link Twitch Account To PS4 To Watch Content?


If your intention is connect the Twitch profile to PS4 to view content you just have to download the appropriate program on the console and log in with a code that you will have to enter on the Twitch platform from a device. To download the Twitch application on PS4, check the TV box. You can access the store with entertainment apps from the main content of the console. Then select All apps, scroll through the list of available programs at the top and select Twitch and proceed to install the app by pressing the button download. If you get the message that there isn't enough space on the PS4 to complete the installation, increase the memory by following the suggestions in the tutorial on the subject. For other errors, check for PS4 updates: If you don't install the latest one of the firmware, you're not allowed to install new apps.


You can then follow the live streams of the platforms you follow, continue watching paused on-demand, find interesting content based on your previous views and more. There is not much to say about the process of the app, since it almost reflects the system of the Twitch. If you are a Twitch prime user and you are wondering how to link Twitch to PS4, no worries. The Twitch program for console immediately recognizes the benefits linked with the profile used and therefore no additional steps are required to use it.