How To Start Streaming On Twitch For Beginners

Streaming on Twitch is no longer a difficult thing. In 2023, an average of almost 3 million people will watch the streaming network at the same time. The nice thing about being a streamer? Anyone can become a Twitch streamer from the zone of their own house. The way there is not difficult, but there are a few obstacles. In this blog, we'll show you everything you need to start streaming on the platform!


What Do You Want To Do On Twitch?


Before you can actually start streaming on Twitch, you should first think about what you plan to do there. So you can decide whether you want to play games or try other systems. Everything is possible. Some stream their competitive rounds in games here, others stream work on a game and others stream talk rounds or draw in their channels. Just let your imagination run limitless.


It sounds silly at first, but it's quite simple. To become a Twitch steamer, you need an account first. Registration is easy with your email. Then you can get started and set everything up. To do this, click on your profile picture in the top right corner and then select creator dashboard. Then you select the tab preferences on the left and then channel, where you can now select your account picture and your header picture. You can also set the color of your account here. You can also set your display name and a short description of your media channel here. Last but not least, you should enter your links. These will then be displayed on your Twitch page. The other settings are not particularly important, especially for the beginning of your streamer period.


Create A Twitch Profile And Set Up Your Channel


In the settings you define the technical ones of your stream in the channel. These depend a little on your device and your internet. However, we show you the settings here that should work well for most of you. If all these details are too annoying for you, you can easily start the optimization. Here, it then determines the ideal account settings based on your hardware, your place and your line. You can get to the settings by going to settings in, then to output and then to the stream tab.


The video capture device is pretty easy to understand. After you select it, a window with the simple configurations will open. Here you can select the appropriate device from a list of all available devices. Important: If you have a webcam with focus, it might be advisable to disable it. If you move or gesture a lot, it can happen that the focus changes constantly. It's very tiring to watch. To do this, just click on configure video and then on control. Under focus, uncheck the box and set the focus to your usual distance from the device.


Twitch Stream Settings


In addition to the previous settings, you have a whole range of widgets available for your stream, which streamlabs provides and which help you to make the stream more interactive. This is how you can add a chat box and an alert. The chat shows all viewers what others are writing in your box, while the alert shows all subs, follows and other events. You also add the sources for this with streamlabs. You can also configure them from your streamlabs board, for example adjusting the sound and the video being played! Simply go to the board icon in the left bar. In your dashboard you will now find the entry alert section in the left bar. Here you can now select the various alerts, for example followers or subscription. You can set up a separate alert for each of these events. If one of your viewers takes one of these options in your stream, the corresponding alert will be played in the box.


You want to become a Twitch streamer, at least you're reading a guide on how to do that right now. Once you have prepared and set up everything, everything gets done step by step! Go ahead and start your stream. Of course you can manage a lot more and with growing viewer numbers you will eventually have the chance to earn money and unlock new features on Twitch. For starters, however, this guide should cover the essentials.


Do what you enjoy and try it out. Don't necessarily try to follow any Twitch channel for success, but do your own thing. But don't be too frustrated if you don't get over the 50 follower mark for a while. This is quite normal and it takes time to really build viewers. Authenticity and a certain procedure are the key here. Stick with it and make your stream feel like you. Customize it and create recurring elements. This is how you bind viewers in the long term and above all, have fun with it yourself. And honestly, that's what it's all about after all.