Information and FAQ

  • Start 15 Minutes [Average] - Max 3 Hours
  • After the package start. 24/7 Viewers and viewer list are automatically activated within 5 minutes of opening each live for 1 month.
  • If Live Support is On, Your Orders Start Instantly. If it is not active, this period may be extended.
  • 24/7, afk, subhathon long streams are strictly prohibited. Do not buy if you are streaming this way. For 50-100-200-300 Viewer packages, the daily stream limit is 6 hours. After the 6th hour, the bots are turned off and will be active again at 00:00 UK time. The monthly stream hour limit is 100 hours. If 100 hours is exceeded, the bot is completely disabled. Please do not buy if you are making long streams every day. Because you can't get full efficiency from bots.
  • When you get a viewer bot, bots automatically join each stream for the duration you get. There are no panels. It is completely automatic.
  • Just let us know when you want to stop the viewer or reduce the number of viewers (This setting can be changed every 24 hours). You cannot stop or freeze the package duration.Channel name cannot be changed after receiving the package.
  • You can buy extra chat bot feature. Users Write To The Chat Every 60 Seconds. Chat Should Be Set To Public Mode. Only Channels With Viewer Packages Can Receive it. Users write something like "Hi" in English.
  • There will be fluctuations in the viewers and they will not be constant.