How Much Is 100 - 500 - 1000 Bits On Twitch?

To convert Twitch bits and find out the price, you first have to differentiate between the purchase price from dollars to bits and the income from bits in dollars. Viewers buy Bits and streamers receive Bits and exchange them.


What is left for the streamer is also interesting for the donor, because of course he would like to know with what amount he could now support the streamer. From experience, one can deduce that the larger the donation, the higher the share that the streamer receives.


What’s The Price Of 100-1000 Bits?


100 bits on Twitch cost around 1.5 dollars in purchase price and generate income of 0.80 for a streamer. The difference in the amounts is caused by the VAT , the payment provider fee of 0.25 and the Twitch fee of 0.10 dollars.500 bits on Twitch cost around 7.5 dollars in purchase price and bring a streamer an income of almost 4.5. The difference in the amounts is due to the VAT and the payment provider fee of 0.50 again and the twitch fee.


Viewers donate to Twitch bits for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common include getting attention, wanting to read a message aloud and showing image, affiliation or even just support for the streamer or platform. Donating bits is the greatest interaction tool viewers have on a stream. By donating, a viewer gets a lot of attention in the short term, on the one hand through the streamer who thanks them privately and through watching in. Many Twitch viewers enjoy this reputation and thereby buy awareness and respect. Supporting people is a particularly common reason for bits. The purpose of this support is usually to make the streamer realize that streaming is worthwhile, so they can stream more and be online more often. This creates the win-win situation and this is the goal of bits.