How to Earn / Get Free Twitch Bits

How to get free bits on Twitch? Are there any discounts or other ways to earn bits on Twitch and if so, how does it work? At Twitch you can support a streamer with so-called cheers and bits. Basically put, this is a donation network where, instead of transacting the money in dollars, you buy bits with actual money beforehand, which you can then send to the streamer. 


Bits allow viewers to support and interact with a streamer on the platform. Even if you can easily buy the bits on Twitch, one or the other viewer may wonder if there isn't a way to earn Bits for free. With Twitch you can not only support a streamer with a sub, but you can also donate so-called bits. Bits are virtual limits that you can buy with actual money and then give away to streamers. A cheer is a bit-protected alert in conversation that contains an emote. Depending on how the streamer has set up their stream, the cheers with bits are usually also displayed with a message.


Get Free Bits on Twitch


There is indeed a way to earn free bits on Twitch. Even if you don't become a bit investor with it, you can earn one or two free bits with it. To get free Bits, you can watch a promotional content on the streaming network. For the short advertisement you get a few or more bits credited to the platform.


To do this start your browser, navigate to the Twitch page and log in with your access code. Now open a stream and click on the Bits icon at the bottom of the conversation window. Here you can not only buy bits, but above you can find if you watch short ads, you get 10 or more bits. Here you can occasionally click on the view button and get one or the other free bits on the platform.


Get and Earn Twitch Bits For Free


After the tool was initially only available in USA, you can now get a few free Twitch bits in other countries too by watching advertisements. If you click on the Bits in a stream at the bottom, then the variant with the advertisements will appear next to the earn Bits chat. Here you can then look at short advertising and as a reward you get about 5 or more credited to your account. Apparently, this tool does not yet exist for all Twitch users, as it will probably first be checked and then gradually rolled out to users. You won't become a bits investor with the feature, but you can get one or the other Bits for free.


When you are done with the previous step, all you need to do is click on the get bits area in the coming window. There you will find the watch advertisement button. Click to watch them. There is a certain number of bits that you can get after watching the ads. Usually 10 or 100 bits are enough to add to the existing rate. Earning bits at midnight can prove helpful. Namely, it is believed that the Twitch network resets bits during this time and you get a chance to earn more bits for the day.